The History of Pickett Hosiery

1927: Pickett Hosiery Mills is founded

Stockholders at the time included Henry Dixon, George Sharp, Glenn Pickett, Buel Moser, A.B. Mangum, and W. Sellers.


1971: Harris purchases Pickett Hosiery Mills

The family of Nimrod “Nim” Harris purchases Pickett Hosiery Mills


1982: Dyeing and knitting moved into new building

Dyeing and knitting equipment are moved into newly purchased building during the Christmas vacation. Temperatures hovered at 9 degrees Farhenheit


1983: PHM moves to Webb Avenue location

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1999: PHM begins manufacturing socks for the military

Pickett Hosiery Mills begins manufacturing socks for the military. Develops a silverplated yarn for the foot of the sock as a broad-spectrum antimicrobial.


2019: Liquid Silver Solution Developed

PHM develops liquid silver solution that attaches to every piece of fiber in the sock and gives greater protection. A less expensive method than the silverplated nylon.


2021: PHM develops new color sock for military

Pickett Hosiery Mills develops new color for dress sock for military: Heritage Walnut.


The Cranford Group Holdings purchases Pickett Hosiery Mills

The Cranford Group Holdings purchases Pickett Hosiery Mills with plans to relocate the company from its Webb Avenue location to the site of former hosiery company on Koury Drive in Burlington


2021: The Cranford Group takes the helm Pickett Hosiery

Larry Small of The Cranford Group Holdings takes the helm as CEO of Pickett Hosiery Mills.

“I’m a big believer in ‘Made in America.’ I believe that too many [American] textile companies gave up too early…We want to acquire other companies whose owners are looking to retire, and we’re looking to consolidate these hosiery businesses, using Pickett[’s new location] as a base.” — Larry Small in an interview with The Alamance News