About Us

Mission Statement

Pickett Hosiery established in 1927, has a history of providing the retail industry with service and outstanding products for almost a full century. We recognize our customers as the consumers and expect them to enjoy the finest in hosiery available in the industry.


Our products offer value and our service is timely, consistent, accomodating, helpful, knowldegable and friendly. Our personnel are experienced people who take great pride in their work and are unwilling to accept mediocrity. It is the determination of these people to be the "best" that has propelled our company to the forefront of the hosiery and retail industries.


In this changing world, we strive to stay abreast of technology and development so that our customers can receive the best in products and service available anywhere. A great part of our success and development comes from listening to our customers, ascertaining their needs and responding with enthusiasm.


In addition to providing quality and service, we will always abide by the rules of good corporate citizenship and ethics. We will be fair and honest with our employees, our customers and our suppliers. We will be good stewards of our land. We will always exhibit professionalism and integrity.